Nith Newspaper (2012)

Part of artistic outcome for Inbetween: Dumfries

Following a period of 3 months spent researching the relationship between people in Dumfries and their River Nith, I developed two outcomes which are the synthesis of this research:

The first, a free limited edition of the ‘Nith‘ newspaper, available in public places in Dumfries and delivered by bicycle along the Whitesands between 5th-9th November (some copies will linger for longer in libraries, cafes, doctor surgeries and on kitchen tables….)

”This has been made to bring to you the history, the hidden stories, the personal experiences and knowledge and the inspiration to understand the Nith (and maybe get your toes wet). With a bicycle and a back pack I have taken a journey of conversations, into the Nith, along the river banks, into homes, offices, museums, libraries, a swimming pool and a hatchery. This illustrative newspaper is a representation of my discoveries and ideas made public, distilled from a detailed journal accounting all the people and places I met with.”


(With thanks to Tony McKay for his beautiful Graphic design/illustrative work)





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