Corkerhill Consultation (2012)

The G.H.A. have been working in Corkerhill for the last few years, regenerating some of the housing and have proposed to provide a piece of Public Artwork/Signage in the area. To put Corkerhill on the map…

The artwork will be designed and made by a talented Artist Blacksmith, according to the imput, interests and inspiration of the local community in Corkerhill. The Site is the corner of Corkerhill Road and Corkerhill Place, in front of where the Old Cart Pub once stood.

My role with in this project is to consult with local residents and through research and creative discussions and activities with in the community generate ideas for the outcome. This should be a oppertunity for people to voice what they would like, what is appropriate to their place, connected to it and relevant to them.

I have been running fun flag making workshops in local schools, allowing children to design their own flags for Corkerhill and consider the idea of place making. These were publicly displayed on the site on the beautifully windy day Corkerhill Gala Day. I have also been engaging with groups at the Corkerhill community Centre, local shops and on the streets.

For more information or to have an input please contact me on;


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